2016 Appreciation Dinner

2016 Appreciation Dinner

On Thursday, September 15, 2016, the World Mission Society Church of God in Maryland hosted an appreciation dinner for community members. The purpose of the event was to express gratitude and friendship to those who devote their time and efforts, having a positive impact on the community. The guests came from many different walks of life and included counselors, musicians, coworkers, family members and more.

Guests mingled with the members as the event was received with great excitement. They enjoyed the opportunity to meet many new people and to get a taste of what the Church of God is all about. Furthermore, a slideshow of photos from previous community service events was played. And along with the slideshow, instrumentals of Church of God New Songs was on in the background. Everyone enjoyed a two course meal that members prepared and served with care.

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Afterwards, guests watched two short videos. The first video was an introductory overview of the Church of God. Through it, the guests could see the activities and community involvement of the church on a global scale. The second video was about the Queen’s Award that the Church received earlier this year for outstanding volunteer service. The Queen’s award is the most prestigious award a volunteer group can receive in the United Kingdom. Moreover, through the award, the Church also became a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE). MBE is a designation for exemplary organizations that is recognized by 53 members of the Commonwealth of Nations. MBE member countries include Australia, Canada and Singapore.

In conclusion, guests left with thank you gifts which included framed pictures that had been taken throughout the course of the night. They all seemed to have really enjoyed their visit to the Church of God. Additionally, several visitors expressed that they look forward to participating in future events as well as volunteer services.

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15 Responses

  1. What a beautiful event, it’s so nice to see that the members of the Church of God reached out to the people around them just to show them appreciation. This really moves me to want to show more appreciation to those around me.

  2. It’s not every day that people set aside time to appreciate those that make the community a better place. The Church of God is committed to showing the world that love and appreciation for one another goes a long way.

  3. Awesome work Church of God- this really is the most active church I have ever been too!
    The only church I have seen that puts Gods words into practice thru actions and deeds… I am so glad to be apart of the greatest movement on earth.

  4. This night was really awesome. The food was fantastic, the ambience was amazing and the opportunity to share a good time with family and friends was even more memorable. I’m really thankful I got to take part and I look forward to events like this in the future.

  5. I was able to attend this event with my friend and his family and it was such a nice time! The members made a lot of effort to make sure that everyone attending truly felt appreciated and everyone did. The church was decorated beautifully and everyone wore bright smiles. My friend and his family had a great time. Thank you WMSCOG!

  6. Rarely do we hear about appreciation events-seemingly so simple, but a lasting impact on those being honored! Very nice to see a the Church of God conduct this event and give back to community.

  7. This event was very special, I really enjoyed myself, the atmosphere was amazing and everyone was so welcoming. I can’t wait to attend the next event at the Church Of God!

  8. This is exactly what we need throughout the world! We are living in a egocentric time period, people tend to think only about themselves, so to see a church make efforts to brighten someone else’s day is very touching. This event looks incredible, keep it up!

  9. It’s amazing there is a church in this world that gives back to families and communities like the Church of God. To just reach out to everyone and show such amazing love in such a selfish world shows you that God truly dwells in such a place like the Church of God!

  10. The Church is always giving back to our community . It advocates love and family something we all need .

  11. This appreciation event is very inspiring. Church of God members truly care about the community and continue to set a great example for others to follow. The love the church continues to display is making a positive impact across the world.

  12. I think that it’s really amazing to see a church actively involved in the community while showing others how much they are appreciated for their community service efforts as well. I hope to see more of this from the Church of God.

  13. Very beautiful event like always Church of God! Great way to show your appreciation to others.

  14. Nice way to show appreciation to those in your everyday life.
    The Church of God surprises with outstanding deeds !
    Way to go.

  15. This event at the Church Of God was really special. Members were really united with each other and everyone seemed to be very happy. I look forward to future events.

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