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Multicultural Soup Social

On a cold winter day, nothing brings more comfort than a mouth-watering homemade soup. Soup is commonly associated with eating a cozy meal at home. Mothers are often depicted in movies and novels preparing a hot soup to relieve their children from the dreaded cold of the winter. In the same way, with the love of Heavenly Mother, Church of God members decided to hold a soup social to warm the hearts of their family, friends and neighbors.

Tables and chairs were set up into a banquet-style arrangement. The tables were covered with white tablecloth and topped with an elegant, golden-metallic table liner. A pleasant assortment of flowers were prepared, which brightened up the tables, adding gentle hues of pink, yellow, and white.

On the day of the event, a table was prepared where guests could help themselves to the soup of their choice. Several soups and stews were prepared, following the traditions of various cultures. The three soup options were Mexican corn soup, Italian wedding soup, and vegetarian butternut squash soup.

The Mexican corn soup was prepared with chicken, chicken stock, sour cream, cheese, onion, and herbs. The Italian wedding soup was made with meat balls, spinach, parsley, egg, carrots, diced tomatoes, as well as salt and pepper. Finally, the butternut squash soup was prepared with butternut squash, granny smith apples, carrots, and vegetable stock. Butternut squash soup is actually a tradition among some church members who grew up in Haiti. Nevertheless, it was a hit among everybody.

Additionally, as guests enjoyed their soup, they were given the opportunity to hear an interesting presentation. The presentation was called “Origin of Christianity: Past, Present, and Future.” There are many denominations of Christianity throughout the world, each with its own theology and traditions. Nonetheless, the presentation discussed in detail the teachings that were kept by the Early Church, established by Christ Himself. The discussion delved deep into Christian history in order to convey the difference between the doctrines created by men and the teachings of God, as confirmed through the Bible.

Overall, the soup social was a great turnout as guests enjoyed the different types of soups and the Bible seminar too. The Church of God believes in God the Mother as well as the seven Feasts of God. If you are interested in learning more about the Church of God’s beliefs, contact us for a Bible study.

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