Law Enforcement Appreciation Banquet

Volunteers from the Church of God and from the ASEZ college student volunteer program held a law enforcement appreciation event to honor the police departments of Prince George’s County.

A Multicultural Event: Celebrating Diversity

The Church of God hosted a multicultural event to celebrate the many different cultures and backgrounds of the Church of God members, with several dishes and decorations from around the world.

Multicultural Soup Social

Guests enjoyed a selection of multicultural soups, including Mexican corn soup, Italian wedding soup, and butternut squash soup. They also learned about Christian history through a Bible seminar.

Honoring Our Veterans at Charlotte Hall

The Church of God warmed the hearts of veterans with singing performances of classics such as “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” “Love Keep Lifting Me Higher” and “For the Longest Time.”

Brightening Up Sunrise Senior Living

As part of East Coast Volunteer Service Day 2016, the Church of God in Maryland visited Sunrise Senior Living of Silver Spring to cheer up senior citizens.

2016 Appreciation Dinner

The Church of God held an appreciation dinner to express gratitude to those who devote their efforts to have a positive impact on the community, including the likes of counselors, musicians, and even the family and coworkers of Church members.