Charlotte Hall Veterans Home Visit

Honoring Our Veterans at Charlotte Hall

As the seasons change and the temperature drops, visiting family and friends is always a great way to warm the heart and find refuge from the cold. Similarly, in order to warm up the hearts of the men and women who served our country, the World Mission Society Church of God visited the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home on Sunday, November 20, 2016.

The Charlotte Hall Veterans Home, established in 1985, is an assisted living facility and nursing home solely for veterans. It’s located in St. Mary’s County in Southern Maryland, a little over an hour away from the Church. Nevertheless, the volunteers woke up bright and early to go and share the love of Heavenly Mother with the veterans. Furthermore, the volunteer effort is part of the Church of God’s Smile Campaign, a Church movement inducing happiness in the community.

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The volunteers put together an assortment of performances for the veterans. Older veterans were delighted to hear a duet of the song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” The volunteers also performed an interpretive dance to the contemporary song “Rise Up.” Another performance involved a cover of the classic “Love Keep Lifting Me Higher.” The veterans especially gave a big round of applause in response to the acapella quartet performance of Billy Joel’s “For the Longest Time.” Finally, an instrumental version of the song “You Raise Me Up” with a flute and saxophone closed out the performances.

Guests were tremendously happy to see the bright smiles of the Church members. Additionally, they were greatly appreciative of the passionate and enthusiastic performances. One of the women living at the Charlotte Hall Veteran’s Home had nothing but positive words. “Thank you so much for coming,” she said. “I know you all care because you came. I really enjoyed this. You all sang so nicely. I love you all. Thank you.”

Many of the other residents also responded with thankful words. All in all, it was a roaring success, and pure enjoyment for both the veterans and the volunteers. The Church of God in Maryland plans to continue the Smile Campaign through various volunteer events and community services within the state.

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25 Responses

  1. It’s great to see a group of young members doing so much for the community in these days . Thank you for being so giving to elderly community . Great job 👍

    1. It’s so great to see people showing that they care about the community. Positive actions and giving back really make a big difference these days ..

  2. This is an really positive group! They were very joyful, and showed a genuine willingness to help and put a smile on the faces of everyone there.

  3. I am happy to see that the members of WMSCOG are reaching out to veterans and lifting them up. I had a family friend that passed a few years ago who was a veteran. I remember the stories he would tell and how it brought a bright smile on his face. Thank you WMSCOG for warming my heart and theirs as well!

  4. Amazing event! I’m certain that the hearts of the veterans were moved by the performances. Go Church of God!! Great movement!

  5. Wow! I absolutely love it. The Church of God is always doing something to help other people. I can definitely appreciate that. I love there energy and charisma.

  6. Everyone looks to happy in the pictures! Thank you for sharing a smile with the men and women who served our country. I look forward to seeing more of the church’s community service events and hope to be able to volunteer with you.

  7. It is great to see a church these days full of young, happy faces serving the community! Nice to see the Church of God sharing love with our country’s veteran’s and finding a way to uplift their spirits! Excited to see more events like this that unite the community and serve others with a sincere and pure love. It’s something hard to find in this world today. Thank you Church of God!!

  8. I’ve never seen a group with as much sincere enthusiasm as this group. They were full of smiles from the moment they walked in until the moment they left. Truly a delight to all!!!

  9. The church do a lot of volunteer services and I heard they received a lot of awards !
    You are amazing!

  10. It’s uncommon to see young people exited and so happy with bright smiles but this young group of people from the church of God is a beautiful example, coming together to cheer up our elderly community it’s so moving. Thank you Church of God you did a great job, our community need people like you, thank you 👍

  11. This was such a fun time for all! The veterans and the veterans family really enjoyed this!!! I only have good things to say about the World Mission Society Church of God – they were so joyful, so excited, and they really cared about everyone that was attending the event, making sure to put a smile on their face. It was such a great thing to see. Thank you church of God!!!

  12. These church members are a great example for this generation and the generations to come. Even I am inspired by their good deeds. Thank you Church of God!

  13. I heard once before that selflessness is the ingredient to changing the world. I’m happy to see these people changing the world through their service. I too will contribute to the positive change examplified here.

  14. It is really good to see people share joy with others, although everyone has their own lives. To take time out for someone else is just really heart warming. Good job!

  15. This was truly a fantastic event! How great a blessing for the WMSCOG to be able to share their time with some of those who sacrificed so much for this country.

  16. This event was so amazing ! It warms my heart to see how all people can come together of all ages and have such and amazing time together full of fun and laughter ! Thank you church of God for coming out to support the veterans ! I know each and every moment touched there hearts and brought them happiness which is what they deserve and much more . Thank you once again Chirch of God !

  17. Wow these people are really a great example for our society especially these days. I really enjoyed the event and it was truly refreshing especially for those who deserve honor for their efforts.

  18. This event was so amazing! It warms my heart to see how all people can come together of all ages and have such and amazing time together full of fun and laughter! Thank you church of God for coming out to support the veterans! I know each and every moment touched there hearts and brought them happiness which is what they deserve and much more. Thank you once again Church of God!

  19. They are always helping the communities throughout the world. They always bring their bright smiles. Thank you for serving the veterans!

  20. The people from the Church of God always have a positive attitude and make the people around them much happier. I was very thankful I went and saw the Church of God members there.

  21. Wow! This was really nice to see so many young people eager to reach out and put smiles on someone else’s face. They are always so happy and it’s really contagious. Keep it up Church of God!!

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