World Mission Society Church of God in Baltimore Nursing Home Visit

Brightening Up Sunrise Senior Living

World Mission Society Church of God in Baltimore Nursing Home Visit

East Coast Volunteer Service Day 2016

In celebration of having received the Queen’s Award in the United Kingdom for Volunteer Service, the Churches of God of the U.S. East Coast held the East Coast Volunteer Day 2016. On September 25th, 25 locations on the East Coast, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic together held volunteer activities in their local communities. Events included cleanups, appreciation dinners, encouragement events for seniors and more.

In Maryland, the Church of God visited Sunrise Senior Living of Silver Spring to entertain and brighten the residents’ day. Through different activities, including upbeat performances, songs, and dances, volunteers uplifted the spirits of the elderly residents. The lively mood and atmosphere were a great change of pace for the seniors.

The performances ranged from a line dance to Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” to modern songs and dances. Popular songs from the sixties such as “My Girl” and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” were crowd favorites. A modern day instrumental rendition of “You Raise Me Up ” was also a big hit. Although many of the residents could not walk unassisted, they swayed, clapped the beat, tapped their feet, and sang along to the familiar songs of their youth. One resident even stood up and danced the electric slide, holding the hand of a volunteer with a happy smile.

The residents thanked the volunteers for coming and asked for them to come back again. The Church of God volunteers all smiled brightly, promising they would return. They even asked what types of performances the residents would like to see in the future. The volunteers’ goal is to continue to touch the lives of others with sincere joy and love from God following the example and teachings of God the Mother.

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  1. I think it is so incredible that the members of the Church of God take time to visit the elderly. This population could use a little cheering up while residing at nursing homes, and the members of the Church of God made their day! Great work!

  2. We should never forget our senior citizens because they are the ones who paved the way for us. Through their struggles, determination and desire to see a better future they work very hard. And when the time comes for them to no longer work because they are on able to, we should simply always remember to say thank you for all you have done. Senior citizens do not ask for much, their only request is please don’t forget about me.

    Great job World Mission Society Church of God for putting them first and showing them how much you appreciate them.
    God must truly be pleased.

  3. Great job to all! It’s great to see young people devoting their time to selflessly bring smiles to others. Keep up the amazing work!

  4. The Church Of God is not just taking the message of love to the people of the world but they are leading the way through there actions

  5. I’m happy to see people with such love and consideration for everyone. It must not be easy for the elderly to be away from their families and in a nursing home, this event brought them joy and happiness. Great job, Church of God!

  6. It’s awesome to know that there are people in our communities who sincerely care about others. The volunteer service of the Church of God and their willingness to help others is great for our society. Please continue to keep up the good work Church of God!

  7. That’s really cool! You don’t hear of churches doing this. The residents of the senior home must’ve been so happy. Wow! The Queen’s Award! That’s like the top award! Go WMSCOG!!

  8. The elderly are like children who need love, care and attention. It’s beautiful to see the Church of God show such loving affection to the senior community and fill their hearts and faces with smiles.

  9. This is a beautiful event, it’s refreshing to see people give up their time and effort to serve others and to share the love of God. Seeing this makes me realize that all people need this kind of spiritual and physical love that is taught by God the Mother.

  10. Big thumbs up to the World Mission Society Church of God for making it their mission to touch up the lives of the senior citizens through God’s love. After being weighed down by the worries of this life for many years, this is one of the greatest gift that seniors could receive: laughter. Amazing grace of God for establishing this church unlike any other.

  11. Great church !! They always smile and always willing to help .Looking forward to the next event .

    1. That’s so true Miguel all of the events that I have been to at the World Mission society Church of God all of the volunteers were always happy and positive. They are truly a breath of fresh air to the comunity

  12. It’s amazing how the Church of God members can come together and entertain the Sunrise Senior Living residents out of love. It shows that the members truly care. I’m sure the residents are looking forward to the next event!

  13. What a beautiful event ! Many times in our Daliy lives we find ourselves unable to visit our parents due to life’s busy schedule . However the amazing members of the WMSCOG hosted a beautiful event at the senor home . We thank you church of God ! For bring the Love of God the Mother to all the seniors and putting a smile on thier faces !

  14. This is definitely incredible. I personally don’t know of any other church or organization period to put forth so much effort into bettering the lives of the people. Kudos to the World Mission Society Church of God. You will forever have my support.

  15. What an amazing event! Always great to see young people positively interacting and spending time with the elderly! What a great example!

  16. Thanks to Father and Mother for such a beautiful event. Sometimes the elderly are overlooked, but they are just as much in need of Mother’s love as any other. I look forward to attending volunteer events in the near future.

  17. Amazing wayto bring a smile to people. I have never seen members of a church take time off their own schedule to participate in an event that brings love and job. Way to go Church of God.

  18. This is definitely something that now days is hard to see and find, people that dedicated time and efforts just so that others can have joy and happiness, truly this people have love in their hearts. Thank you World Mission Society Church of God for your wonderful work and deeds.

  19. The Church of God continue to show a great example of service to ones community. I am happy to see this great effort by to empower the community by serving others.

  20. In this world we sometimes put the elderly to the side and think about other things that we assume is more important. So when you see how the members from the World Mission Society Church of God take the senior citizens into consideration and spend time making them laugh, sing and dance touches my heart. Very impressive!

  21. Wow the World Mission Society Church of God is a great inspiration to our society it has received the Queen’s Award in the United Kingdom for volunteer service. The members celebrated by delivering love and care to people in their environment that’s really amazing!

  22. What a touching event, showing love and bringing many smiles and laughter to the elderly community. Way to go Church of God for sharing sincere love always no matter where they go!

  23. Wow! I’ve never heard of a church being awarded the Queen’s Award!! What an amazing accomplishment. This church has actually been in the news a couple times for the volunteer work they do In various parts of the world, so it’s no surprise they earned such a prestigious award. Keep up the great work!

  24. When I first came to USA, everyone was so busy thinking and living their own lives. I didn’t know there still exist such people serving others, making them feel happy with great love in their hearts. I hope more people become like the members of the Church of God and follow their example!!

  25. Wow I truly enjoyed reading about this. It’s very touching and I’m sure they made a encredible impact on the residence living there. I worked with the elderly population and I know how much a warm smile and conversation can brighten up their day! Happy to hear that they put so much effort into such an selfless act. They are truly displaying Gods love to their community. I’m sure all of the residents had a blast!

  26. Great to see young people spending time with our senior citizens who at times are forgotten. I would like to go on the next visit!

  27. Leave it to the Church of God members to put on a great and heartwarming show. They have so many talented members! It’s beautiful how they dedicate their talents and their time to God.

  28. The members of the Church of God really brightened up the atmosphere at the center everyone truly enjoyed their time there.

  29. Church Of God is truly a church where people of all walks of life can come together with Love, Unity, and one common goal. 🙂

  30. So great and all thanks to Elohim God. These guys in yellow shirts did a great thing for community. These good deeds are what’s needed more and more these days.

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