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Challenge Walk MS: Chesapeake Challenge 2016

On September 11, thirty-five volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God in Maryland greeted walkers at the Challenge Walk MS: Chesapeake Challenge 2016 in Easton, MD. With warm smiles and energetic cheers, the members encouraged the walkers who trekked 30 miles in 2 days. The walkers endured the long walk along the Chesapeake Bay all to raise funds for multiple sclerosis (MS). To help support them, the members prepared chants and cheering signage for more than a week. They wanted to show appreciation and the love of God to the walkers who sacrificed themselves to make a difference.

It was a long and difficult walk, especially for the ones diagnosed with MS. One walker who had been living with MS for 14 years explained that the physical exertion of walking 30 miles made the symptoms worse. However, she remarked, “For us with MS who have done this [walk], it was phenomenal. You guys lifted us up so much.”

The energy at the finish line amazed her as the volunteers chanted and placed medals around each walker’s neck.

Another walker, Terry Auspitz, said, “It was a wonderful finish to the day. It was really uplifting coming in and seeing the spirit and the energy of the group.”

Furthermore, Chartese Berry, the Greater DC-Maryland Chapter President, encouraged the volunteers from the Church of God, saying, “Continue doing what you’re doing and continue doing it the way you’re doing it . . . because you don’t really know how much of an impact you make with just one cheer, with one inspirational message. As they come in, you touch lives.”

She also expressed the chapter’s wish for Church of God members to cheer at all of their events across the country.

The members of the Church of God were thankful to be a part of the Challenge Walk MS: Chesapeake Challenge. Our goal is to share God’s love and our reward was seeing every smiling face cross the finish line.

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  1. This event was amazing! We cheered our hearts out for all of the joggers, walkers, family and friends who attended. The Walk for MS is always a new and refreshing experience year after year. I’m personally thankful for all the smiles, pictures, and well wishes from the attendees for all of the churches efforts to help. Looking forward to the next!

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