World Mission Society Church of God in Maryland Family BBQ

Family BBQ

After a long cold winter, we are always excited for the warm weather to arrive to get out and enjoy the sun. On April 17th, the World Mission Society Church of God in Maryland hosted a family BBQ to welcome the warm weather. It was a beautiful day to embrace the arrival of the spring and enjoy quality time with friends and relatives. Organizers extended an invitation to not only the Church members and their families but the neighbors from the surrounding communities as well.

Thanks to the warm spring air, the family BBQ was a great opportunity for everybody to get out of the house and enjoy the outside warmth in the company of their loved ones and neighbors. The family BBQ included not only delicious food but also games and fun activities for all ages. Guests enjoyed playing bean-bag toss, basketball, volleyball, and even soccer all day long.

Several Church members expressed how much fun they were having throughout the day. One member, in particular, said, “It was great having everyone together for the family BBQ. It felt like family, and there was a lot of bonding. Honestly, it was good and pure fun.” She especially enjoyed the spontaneous volleyball tournament that capped off the day. The family BBQ was an excellent way for the Church of God in Maryland to welcome the spring as well as open its doors to the community.

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World Mission Society Church of God in Maryland Family BBQ

Family BBQ

To kick off the spring season, the Church of God hosted a family BBQ to embrace the warm weather and enjoy some genuine fun with neighbors and family.

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  1. Great family friendly event! This is genuine fellowship, games, gathering and eating. Looking forward to attending the next one!

  2. It is great to see how active this church is. I cannot wait for the spring to have another BBQ like this one. I always feel like part of the family when I attend the church’s events.

  3. This BBQ was one of the many family friendly events the Church of God has hosted. Everyone had a great time, from the children to the adults. As a parent, I can honestly say I appreciate the family friendly atmosphere the church provides.

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